33rd New Jersey Firing Regiment Pack (20 figures)
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28mm metal figures for wargaming and dioramas.

Organized at Newark, N. J., and mustered in September 3, 1863, the 33rd New Jersey was uniformed in the style of French Chasseur á pied troops. The unit saw service in the Atlanta Campaign. Battle honors include: Chattanooga, Dallas, New Hope Church, Peachtree Creek, Averysboro and Bentonville.

Set includes 16 firing nfantry, 1 officer, 2 color bearer, and one musician. Some of the figures are portrayed as having replaced some of their chasseur uniform items with standard issue uniform items.

These miniatures are cast in high white metal and contain a small amount of lead.Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Figures supplied unpainted. Flags and poles not included.

  • Item #: RBG-21

33rd New Jersey Firing Regiment Pack (20 figures)

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